Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A White Christmas from the Emerald Isle 2010

We had a lovely yet busy summer. We moved into the house at the end of July-It's heavenly!!.

The house is now finished other than a few doors still need a final coat of gloss.
We had two sets of friends come and stay. It was so lovely to relax and enjoy the house.

We spent loads of time on the beach. Both Jenny and Edward learned to catch a wave on a boogie board- what a buzz!!
They are loving riding and are really progressing, Jenny is now jumping really well and Edward cantered for the first time this week having refused to put his feet into the styrups until he was allowed to try!
Edward's rugby is now full contact ,so he comes home bruised ,muddy and happy!
Jenny is now a Guide and loves it- we are all benefitting from her aim to do a good deed every day
Edward has moved up a level in swimming ane Jenny has started lane swimming at a small local pool with the intention of doing lifeguard training when she is big enough.

We now have goats living in the castle again,Cookie and Cloud (named by J&E). They are delightful-the castle seemed very empty without any.
Gary's work is busy but he has managed to fit in some shooting at the weekends, and will play some golf over Christmas.
Annabelle is still painting doors and is really enjoying the warm, dry house. She can now host the walking group and is still trying to get the scones right- flapjacks are popular though! She has some supply teaching lined up for February and is ready to step in if she is needed before then.

We managed to all get to the U.K twice this year. Once was for Tina's (Gary's sister ) Civil partership ceremony with Tracey . It was a beautiful day in a beautiful setting.

We also came over for half term.We saw so many of you -it was a really fun mad exhausting week. Thanks to all those who fed & watered us and gave us beds for the night!

Other big news is that Philip-Annabelle's brother will be marrying Michelle Butler here in Ireland at the end of July!! Annabelle went to the engagement party at the Players Theatre in London in November-such fun to be free of responsability in London for a weekend. She landed in snow at Cork airport and had to leave the car by the castle and walk-it stayed there for over a week! The school was shut so we all went sledging and generally got in a festive mood

We still have snow on the ground and the thaw is not expected till at least Christmas night ,so we will have a white Christmas! hurrahhh!!!
Jenny and Edward break up today(23rd) .Its a non uniform day, Edward was so pleased because it meant he could wear his yellow Mexican hat!?

We are doing Christmas at our house. Annabelle's parents, Philip, Michelle, & John (annabelle's cousin) are all coming. Should be a giggle.
We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year

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