Sunday, 26 December 2010

16 September 2009

We are settling in with Paul & Frin (Annabelle's Dad & Mum) - their garage is full of our furniture and there are various other bits around their house. We are now set up with home office in our bedroom. The children are very happy , they spend 90% of their time outside. We have picked blackberries, spinach and beans, fed the pigs (Edward fell over and wallowed with them!) and collected 22 eggs from the pheasant pens!

Jen (Annabelle's Aunt) is well and adores it when we all visit her in the community hospital.

The in-laws seem very chilled about all the chaos in the house - they are very happy to have us here (long may that last!)

Matix is having a wonderful time playing with their dogs, Poly and Tisa. We've walked them on the beach. This last week has been beautiful sunshine.

The cottages are improving - upstairs we have floors , doorways, and some stud walls - downstairs has bare earth for floors as the builders are digging them out to put a damp proof membrane in and there are very few internal walls. It is going to be wonderful when it's finished, but that is going to be some time.

We spent a morning in the social security offices applying for our PPS numbers (national insurance). We now have them so we are feeling a bit more permanent!

We have had to buy most of J &E's school books ( 180 euros!!!!!) Schools don't provide text books. We have managed to borrow some from a friend for E.

They started school last Tuesday and are loving it . Edward says that his teacher is the nicest one he's ever had!! Jenny has made lots of new friends and says the work is easy- apart from Irish! Edward has joined Bandon Rugby Club, Jenny has started music lessons and Brownies.

So life here is good .The grass is greener over here - mainly because for the first couple of weeks it rained here at some point every day!! But the sunshine has been glorious too!

I have now had a game of golf too with the promise of more to come - Application for membership is in!!

I am still searching for a job, but I am sure something will present itself shortly.

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