Wednesday, 26 October 2011

News from Ireland with Rainbows!

Ok so here is the next installment from Ireland:

Gary's Bit
Probably the most exciting bit in news is that I have a job. I have a three month contract being the Financial Controller of a computer company called PFH whilst the incumbent is off having an operation. They are a reasonably sized firm with offices in Cork, Dublin and Galway. They are well respected in Cork and will be a great addition to my CV if the job does not get extended - and there is a possibility that it might.

The cottages are coming on. The downstairs floors are going to be poured this week. The plumbing has all been laid ready. Also the upstairs windows will be going in this week too.

Dad came over for a long weekend last weekend. It was great to see him. We took him to some of the local beaches and to a rather nice fish restaurant called "Fishy fishy".

Annabelle's bit
We are so excited that Gary has a job!!!!!! He is working so hard ,I think they will find that they can't do without him.It is on the outskirts of Cork on a place called Little Island, about a 45 minute commute. We are so happy that he has work, the reccesion is so much worse here than in the U.K.Everyone says (and we agree) that it is a miracle.

We had a lovely mid term break (half term) .Emma and Tim came over from Uganda, they had been to a wedding in England and so popped here for a few days. Philip came for the weekend too. It was wonderful to have the whole family under one roof. A little crazy ,loud, chaotic but so so fun. Their lives have become a little easier since they have hired a company to run the lodge on Bulago ( Tim part owns the island). So now they can concentrate on Ndege ju ya Africa (their aviation company) which is very successful. They have also got a driver now as well as the house boy and they have hired a chef at Ndege for clients and themselves ,so life is peachy for them! Philip may be going to Islamabad to work for a year. The date keeps canging so we will wait and see. He is very excited about the challenge . He doesn't seem concerned about safety- he seems to think he's invincible- I hope he's proved right!!

We all had a great time with Peter ,but I think he was rather horrified by the state of the cottages. We, on the other hand are pleased- he didn't see it a month ago! I am looking forward to getting the windows in. I had a meeting with the plumber last Thursday and it was foggy-INSIDE the house!! I go over every day (300metre walk) as there is usually something to be discussed or decided . This week it was radiators downstairs and outside taps.

I am managing to swim twice a week-once with Jenny while Edward has a lesson and once on my own or with my friend Karen-this I combine with a Tesco shop to justify the hours round trip. I bought G some bottles of London Pride this week-a real treat as you can't get draught bitter here.
I now have Irish plates on my car,which is a shame, I now can't play the "Lost tourist" when I cut in, do u turns or generally drive like a girl !
We get to the beach most weeks which Matix loves -Edward was desperate to swim in the sea today "as it is sunny"- it is mild but not that warm! The weather has been unbelievably changable we do sometimes experience every season in one day. The upside of this is that I have seen a rainbow every day this week!

Jenny is still very happy. Her piano is improving and the is now working towards grade 2. She has been to friends houses ,has had friends here and been on a brownie outing.

Edward has played in his 1st rugby match against Dunmanway and won. Grandpa ,(my Dad) came to watch too . He had to have the proper Bandon rugby club shirt-I was a little horrified at the 50 Euro price tag! Luckily they only had bigger ones so it will last him ages. He has been to yet another bithday party, a girl called Lucy,Jenny says that Lucy is in love with him, Edward says that they are just friends at the moment.

We have been trying out different churches since we arrived. We were worried that we wouldn't find one that suited us, but we have the opposite problem. They all have attributes that we like! We think we have settled at the Baptist Church for our main one but will continue to go to the Methodist sometimes, and we will go to St Peters(the Church of Ireland one that M&D go to) for the family service. We have made good friends at all of them but lots of the children's friends go to the Baptist ,so we will continue to mix and match a bit.

We are eating very well here ,Mummy & I are sharing the cooking and shopping. This weeks yumminess was beetroot brownies! Very chocolatey but also made with beetroot- from the garden, Hazelnuts- gathered and bantum eggs- from the pheasant pens. Free and yummy...Perfect!!

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